Well Done Jack!

Congratulations to Jack Coombes, famous for his polytunnel and his prize-winning vegetables – he has done it again.  Jack took first prize at the National Vegetable Society Show at St Fagans – see photo below.

Jack Sep18


Kings Seeds Catalogue 2018-19

Sowing SeedsThe 2018-19 Kings Seeds catalogue is now available – click on the links below. If you have not ordered seeds before then please browse the catalogue as our National Allotment Society membership means that we benefit from a 40% discount on Kings retail prices.  Good value and good quality seeds.

Please complete your order form and let me have your payment – cash or cheque (payable to Dynevor Gardening Association) – by the end of October. Any queries or problems accessing the catalogue please let me know.


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A Successful Pentyrch Show

The Pentyrch Show last weekend was one of the most successful yet – plenty of entries, lots of visitors and good competition in all classes.  Some success for allotment members – Jack and Ken did not monopolise the prizes but managed a couple of Firsts with their famous veg.  Prizes also went to Martin Cragg, Peter Rees, Andy Rees, Pauline Rees, Sue Cragg, Nia Honeybun, Alison Appleby, Gill Roberts and Lesley Sherwood.  If you missed out then make a diary note for next year and enter a few veg.

Top Tasks for September

Raspberry CanesSeptember 1st and it’s Pentyrch Show so take some time off from the allotment and garden and visit the Show.  You will still have the rest of the month to carry out the seasonal jobs; here are a few suggestions –

If you grow summer raspberries, now is the time to prune out all the fruited canes, cutting down to the base, and then tie in new canes

There are quite a lot of pumpkins and squashes on the plot, so help them ripen in the sun by cutting away any leaves that are covering the fruits

Apples and pears should be ripe enough to pick now, so pick them before they fall so that you can store them; fallers can be used for cooking

Trusses of unripe outdoor tomatoes can be cut off the plant and ripened indoors, or alternatively used for green tomato chutney – yummy!

Stay vigilant for pests and diseases in the greenhouse, and treat any you find immediately – I have had a real problem with red spider mite this year, so plan to clean everything out and them use a fumigating smoke to (hopefully) resolve the problem – any other suggestions welcome.

If your lawn suffered from the hot dry weather, it is a good time to rake the thatch from any bare spots, aerate by spiking with a garden fork, and re-seed

I now it’s pretty sad, but I get excited when the leaves start to fall – I love raking them up, shredding and storing in bags to make leaf mould; I leave them to decompose for two years, so you need some space for storage, but over time the original 10 bags or so compost down to just two or three

Taking cuttings from favourite plants so that you have a ‘spare’ in case of a hard winter

And finally it’s seed time – the Kings catalogue has arrived and it will be posted on the webpage in the next week or so. This is one of the benefits of your National Allotment Society membership, catalogue prices are discounted by 40% on retail – orders need to be placed by the end of October.

Pentyrch Show – 2 weeks to go!

Just a reminder that the Pentyrch Show takes place on Saturday 1st September – hope you have all decided what classes you are entering, lots to choose from – look at the post below for all the Show information and classes.

Top Tasks for August

Strawberry-runnerWell July was a scorcher, and the rain late in the month was very welcome but I am sure that your crops and flowers have suffered as a result of the heatwave – but all is not lost there are still plenty of jobs to be getting on with.

Keep an eye out for potato blight on the plot, and remove all foliage at the first sign – do not add this to your compost but get rid of it in your green bin or have a bonfire (but obviously be careful in this hot weather).

  • If you have apple trees on your plot, now is the time to carry out summer pruning. This will encourage good fruiting in the future.
  • Lift your onions and shallots as the tops die down and leave them to dry in the sun (shouldn’t take long …)
  • If your strawberry plants are sending out runners, pot up a few for extra plants
  • If you have a compost bin, then it should be getting pretty hot in this weather and making compost quite easily, so it is a good idea to turn the compost and if it seems a bit dry add some water
  • You can sow green manure in any bare patches on your plot, this will have the advantage of smothering weeds and also add goodness when dug into the soil (while still green)
  • There is plenty to do to keep your flower beds looking good – keep deadheading, and stake tall plants as they tend to flop in this hot weather. Also take the time to look around your flower beds and make a note of favourite plants and those that have done well, so that you can either collect seed, take cuttings or make a note to divide
  • Finally a reminder that it is only one month until the Pentyrch Show so hopefully you have all grown some competitive veg or have been busy honing your skills in the kitchen. Please support the show – details of all the classes can be found in the previous post – see you there!