Diary Date – Coffee Morning

Coffee Morning 2018


Rabbit problem on the plot!

In the past we have experienced problems with rabbits on the plot, and have taken steps to keep these pests at bay.  However today a large white rabbit was seen on the plot eyeing up the carrot crops for future consumption!


Top Tasks for April

dawn_chorusLast month I was getting excited about Spring being around the corner – little did we know that on St David’s Day we would have a ‘white-out’ with drifting snow and an unheard of red weather warning. It hasn’t really warmed up and I am sure that like me, you are behind schedule with all the crops that you would like to be planting out – most of my veg seedlings are still in a frost free greenhouse waiting for the sun to shine.

One job is to make room in the greenhouse for all these extra plants – hopefully they will be gone in the next week or so. I also have plenty of flower seedlings coming on; they can be hardened off as soon as they are big enough by putting them outside during the day and back into the greenhouse overnight.

Reading through gardening magazines there are plenty of crops that you can sow outside now that the days are longer and warmer! for instance carrots, peas, beetroot, spinach, swiss chard and turnips. Also sow courgette, marrow, squash and pumpkin seeds in pots for planting out later when the danger of frost has passed.

I am sure the wildlife has also suffered with the cold weather – birds are nesting now so make sure that you keep filling the feeders on a daily basis and clean them out once a week to lessen the chance of disease to our feathered friends. Hedgehogs are also on the move – I have certainly seen evidence of them in my garden, so put out some food, dried cat food is a good choice, but put it in a sheltered corner accessible only by hedgehogs and not cats!

If it warms up you can mow the lawns, and don’t forget to start mowing around your plot as well.  All the mowers and equipment will be moved from the white container into our new green container over the next week or so.

Finally if you wake early, keep listening for the dawn chorus which is starting in earnest now.

Our new container

Great news – our new container was delivered today.  Thanks to all the helpers who were on hand to make sure everything went well – we will have another action day very soon to move all the mowers etc.



Top Tasks for March

Spring flowersI always think of March as the busiest month of the growing year – there is so much to do, the greenhouse is full to bursting, and we are all getting impatient for the weather to warm up so that we can get ‘stuck in’ and go play in the mud!

It’s going to be a busy month at Creigiau Allotments as our new container will be delivered in a couple of weeks, so there will be another Action Day to organise and store all the mowers etc, and tidy the other container when all the surplus ‘stuff’ is moved out – maybe a good clean outside and a coat of paint as well, watch this space.

Back to the proper work of allotmenting, there are plenty of jobs to be getting on with –

  • If you didn’t plant onion and shallot sets in the late Autumn, plant them now, spacing 2-3 inches apart, and keep the bed free of weeds
  • Your early potatoes should be chitting and ready to plant out this month
  • Sow parsnips as soon as the soil starts to warm up – they need a long growing season
  • As the weather starts to warm up, you can start hoeing through the beds to keep week free
  • Dahlias seem to be an allotment tradition (take a look at Jack’s plot in the Summer) so if you want to join in, take cuttings from dahlia tubers as they shoot
  • I have noticed that the lawns are looking a bit untidy and it will soon be time to get the mower out and start mowing, and tidy the edges
  • If your plot is some distance from any of the water tanks, try and get hold of a drum or water butt so that you can collect water on your plot – any open container will soon fill with rainwater and save you a trip to the tank
  • Keep putting out food for garden birds, as the breeding season gets under way


Social Calendar 2018

Dates for 2018 social events are listed below so make a note, and please come along and support our hardworking Social Committee.

Saturday April 28th – Coffee Morning with cakes and plant sale in Creigiau Church Hall – date confirmed and booked (please sow a few extra seeds so that you can donate plants for sale)
April/May – Evening Bluebell walk at Coed-y-Bedw woods led by Dave Jones
Sunday July 8th  – Open Day at the Allotments
September – clear up and BBQ date to be arranged weather permitting
October 20th –  Barn Dance with live music
December – Skittles night
January 2019 – Post Christmas Meal at the Golf Club