Top Tasks for October

September was a great month – almost like normal – Chelsea Flower Show, Malvern Autumn Show and of course our very own Allotment Open Day which was a great success. And a nice drop of rain to finish off the month, much needed.

Chelsea Flower Show – Vegetable Display

So on to October, I am sure that like me most of you will be clearing your plots – the beans have finished, potatoes and onions have been harvested and stored, fruit picked, jams and chutneys made. Of course there is lots of ground preparation ahead of the next season, so clear the weeds turn the ground over and dig in some goodness or sow green manure to dig in next Spring.

Many of you have ordered Kings Seeds, so already have an idea of what you will be growing next year; it’s a good idea to make a note of sowing times so that you don’t overlook a crop and end of sowing it late.
And plenty of work in the garden at home too – tidying flower beds, splitting large plants and re-planting ready for next year, saving seeds, taking cuttings and my favourite job – raking up leaves for leaf mould compost.

So make the most of October, lots of jobs to do before the clocks go back at the end of the month.

A Successful Open Day

Our Open Day was a resounding success this year despite, or some may say, because of a change of date to September. The plots all looked amazing with lots of produce and flowers and we had an excellent turn out from villagers, friends and fellow allotmenteers. The weather was perfect and many visitors enjoyed the tea and home-made cakes and stayed chatting for a long time.

There was a snail trail for the little ones and earlier in the day judging had taken place of a mini competition for members. A plate of six of the best was the entry title and we had 9 entries. Ex member Gerald Smallman adjudicated and after a meticulous judging process awarded first to Hilary Coombes (with a bit of help from Jack!) second to Mal and Dave Charlton and third to Gill and Mike Roberts. We also had two entries in the children’s animal sculpture made from vegetables and as they were both so good they were awarded joint first prize – congratulations to Jacob and Elena Trigg.

We sold produce and plants and with the teas and cakes the total raised was £334 for allotment funds. I’d like to thank the fantastic Social Committee for working so hard to set up the tables and gazebos in the morning and then to serve teas and coffees all afternoon, sell the produce and plants and then clear up everything at the end! What a great group we have.


Top Tasks for September

September is a busy month, harvesting, harvesting and more harvesting! Plenty of beans to pick, onions to dry and string up to store over winter, potatoes dug, cleaned and stored in a dark place in sacks; and it’s not all about veg, Autumn raspberries are almost ready, as well as plums and apples. Of course this all means that you will also be busy preserving – good opportunity to make jams, jellies and chutneys.

When you have some clear space on your plot, you can get ahead with sowing some early seeds for next year – spring cabbage, spinach, and onions from seed, onion sets and garlic. You may also choose to sow clear areas with green manure, ready to dig in next Spring – not only will this add nutrients but it will also suppress weed growth (although I don’t think that works for mare’s tail!).

September is also a good time to sow hardy annual flowers – we have had some lovely displays on the plot this year, so if you have a spare corner give it a try – pot marigolds, nigella, cornflower, poppies are all easy to grow and full of colour.

As you all know we have our Open Day on Sunday 5th, and it will be good to welcome visitors to the allotment, especially as it is looking so productive, not to mention colourful.

A bit further afield, the Malvern Autumn Show takes place on 24th, 25th, 26th September – always a good show, and there is a giant veg show as well; and of course lots of shopping, plants, bulbs, seeds etc.
And talking of seeds … don’t forget your Kings Seeds order.

Kings Seeds 2021-2022

Great news that the Kings Seeds catalogue has been sent out early this year, so we can get ourselves organized ahead of time. As usual I have scanned the catalogue, and you can click on the links below; there is one small change, instead of the official order form I have attached an Excel spreadsheet to make my life easier collating all the orders (NB different sheets for Veg, Flowers, Sundries). If you have any problems with this please let me know.

Veg A-L
Veg M-Z
Soft Fruit
Suffolk Herbs Organic
Order Form (spreadsheet)

Can you let me have your completed order by the end of September, so that delivery will be earlier as well (rather than the usual week before Christmas!) and hopefully an early order will avoid any potential seed shortages. Payment with order please, cash, cheque payable to Dynevor Gardening Association, or bank transfer.

I hope you enjoy browsing the range of seeds on offer, which are discounted by 40% to National Allotment Society members – so great quality seeds at a good price, win-win.

Allotment Open Day – 5th September

Good news – our Social Committee have been busy and are pleased to announce that our 2021 Open Day will be held on site on Sunday 5th September, 2.00-5.00pm. Please see posters below for further information – fingers crossed for good weather. Hope to see you all there.

Top Tasks for August

I am sure that we are all pleased to have some decent rainfall after the last couple of weeks of very hot weather – but of course gardeners are never happy with the weather, whatever it may be!
So now that it’s a bit cooler, working on the plot should be more of a pleasure and there are plenty of jobs to do. August is a good month for harvesting crops which will obviously leave a few empty spaces, but there are quite a few things to sow for late-season harvest – the most obvious ones are salad leaves, rocket, spinach which will be ready in a few weeks; also carrots and maybe a few dwarf beans for a late harvest. You can also sow spring cabbage for an early harvest next year. An alternative suggestion is to sow green manures in the empty spaces.
I hope that you all have lots of produce to harvest – after a very slow start my runner and French beans have gone mad; also my onions are ready for lifting; they will be moved to the greenhouse to dry off at home. Fruit trees have been a bit disappointing but they are probably taking a year off after last year’s bumper crops.
And don’t neglect your flower beds at home – keep dead-heading and cutting back to encourage growth and more flowers; also think ahead and save seed and take cuttings for next year (and don’t forget to label the seeds … how often have I found an envelope of collected seeds without a hint of what they might be!)

And talking of seeds, the new season Kings Seeds catalogue has been circulated. I hope to scan the contents in the next week or so and post on the webpage so that we can all plan ahead and hopefully get our order in early. We usually aim to place the order by the end of October but as we have the catalogue early it makes sense to plan for the end of September so that we can hopefully avoid any seed shortages or supply problems – will keep you updated, watch this space.