A Successful Open Day

Despite all the sport on TV on Sunday, we still managed to attract a good number of visitors to the allotment for our Open Day on Sunday – probably the reputation of our excellent refreshments.  There was plenty of interest and our waiting list has increased as a result.

The ‘Best Plot’ was awarded to Selwyn and Sue Roberts, with Mike and Gill Roberts second and Andy and Pauline Rees third.  The Recycled object competition was won by Tony & Julia Llewellyn; Mike & Chris Beaman second; Glynis & Richard Morgan third.

Tea and cakes sold well, as did the plants and produce raising almost £200 for allotment funds.  As ever the Social Committee did a great job organising the day as well as their hard work on Sunday.  As you can see from the photos, a good time was had by all.



Top Tasks for July

Runner Bean I hope that you are all enjoying the fruits of your labours – I have picked broad beans, and dug a few early potatoes; also harvested my garlic which looks and smells amazing at home drying in the greenhouse. The soft fruit bushes look well laden (and netted) so I hope that I can beat the birds to the ripe fruit this year.

I mentioned that I had dug a few potatoes, and your first and second earlies should be ready this month – so enjoy! If you are growing main crops, you will be aware that the plot is prone to potato blight, so watch out for this if the weather is warm and damp.

If you planted your beans early, they should be ready to pick in July. Also courgettes, carrots, salad crops and soft fruit.

But it’s not all about harvesting; don’t forget to sow some veg for the winter months, such as kale, winter cabbage, spinach and sprouting. You could also try a few potatoes for Christmas, and a last batch of peas and dwarf beans for a late autumn crop.

Don’t forget the wildlife – tadpoles are developing into frogs, young hedgehogs are out and about looking for food, and many birds’ nests are emptying as chicks fledge, so keep feeding them all.

On the social front, there are two events this month – Pentyrch Open Gardens on the weekend of 6/7 July, and our own Allotment Open Day on Sunday 14 July, so make sure your plot is tidy and hazard free and come along for the afternoon and enjoy a cuppa and cake and talk to a few visitors.


Local Cubs Visit The Allotment

The local Cub Scout group visited the allotment on Tuesday, and took part in a number of activities – wildlife/bug hunt, planting, scarecrow making and a quiz.  Everyone had a great time (especially when it came to watering the plants …) and hopefully we may have inspire a few future gardeners, or even allotmenteers!

Thanks to Richard for bringing the group along and we hope to see them again later in the season so they can see how their plants have grown, and to Martin Cragg for organising things at the allotment.


Creigiau Village Gardens

Creigiau Village Gardens are open this Sunday – come along and celebrate our tenth year opening for the NGS; plenty of plants for sale, plus tea and cake.  See you there!


Our Allotment on TV

2019 S4COur allotment will be featured (briefly) on television this evening – tune in to S4C at 9.00pm for Newyddion 9.  Filming took place this morning.

Top Tasks for June

strawberries_straw_mulchThe month of June – we should all start to enjoy the fruits of our labour this month. The climbing beans are starting to race up the sticks, broad bean pods are swelling, potatoes are showing lots of growth, and the strawberries are starting to ripen.  If you were lucky enough to have asparagus over the past month or so, now is the time to leave it to go to seed, but give it a good feed and a mulch to ensure good crops next year.

It is also a good idea to mulch around beans, courgettes and squash as these are all thirsty crops and this will help them hold in moisture around the roots.

As your crops start to grow, they would all benefit from a liquid feed – tomato feed seems to be a good all-rounder and a regular feed of this will help to improve crops.

If you have been bringing on sweetcorn, these can now be planted out – remember that they like to be planted in blocks rather than rows, to help pollination.

Don’t forget the flower garden – keep dead heading to prolong flowers, keep weeding and if there are any gaps in the borders, it is not too late to sow things like night scented stock – a reliable and quick grower that is a good ‘quick fix’. If you want to plan ahead for next year then start sowing biennials such as foxgloves and wallflowers.

It is a busy month for wildlife, birds will be foraging to feed their young so keep the feeders filled and make sure that bird baths are topped up.

And of course it is Open Garden season so try and spare some time to visit – local NGS openings are Gwaelod Village Gardens on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June (11-5) and Creigiau Village Gardens on Sunday 16 June (12-5).