New Kings Seeds Catalogue

KingsThe 2019-20 Kings Seeds catalogue is now available – click on the links below. If you have not ordered seeds before then please browse the catalogue as our National Allotment Society membership means that we benefit from a 40% discount on Kings retail prices. Good value and good quality seeds.

Please complete your order form and let me have your payment – cash or cheque (payable to Dynevor Gardening Association) – by the end of October. Any queries or problems accessing the catalogue please let me know.


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Garth Gardeners New Season

The first meeting of Garth Gardeners is on Friday 20th, 7.03pm at Pentyrch Village Hall.  The speaker will be Mary Payne, a horticultural consultant, author and broadcaster. Her talk will be “Minimum Effort, Maximum Effect”, the gardener’s holy grail.

I know many allotmenteers attend, but if not you may like to go along and give it a go, the Talks are always interesting and there is always time for a cuppa and a natter with fellow gardeners.

See you there.

Pentyrch Show Report

2019 Pentyrch Show_59The 2019 Pentyrch Show was a huge success – lots of entries, lots of visitors and quite a few new names on the Winners Certificates.

The allotments were well represented, but there was plenty of competition – so many congratulations to Martin Cragg on winning the Vegetable Shield.

If you didn’t enter anything, or visit the show then you missed out – make a note for next year Saturday 5th September 2020, and enter some veg, flowers, cookery or craft items. 

The Allotment Magazine

Please click here for the electronic version of Issue 3 2019 magazine.  There is a very interesting article on water usage on the plot on pages 42-43; I hope you will have a look and take on board some of the tips especially with regard to harvesting water.

Top Tasks for September

Pentyrch show veg displayWell September brings the highlight of the allotment year for many – Pentyrch Horticultural Show on Saturday 7th.  You don’t have to be ultra-competitive, just have a go and enter something, go along for the fun and social chat and of course a cuppa.  Programmes are still available on the allotment Notice Board.

  • Back to the plot and work for the month – the weather in September can still be hot and sunny, so you may need to keep watering.
  • You can plan ahead and get an early start, and sow hardy varieties of broad beans and peas for early crops next year
  • If you are growing pumpkins or squash, cut away any leaves covering the fruits to help them ripen in the sun
  • Pick apples and pears, and store undamaged fruits
  • Lift main crop potatoes, dry off and store in sacks, in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place
  • Last chance to summer prune apple trees, to encourage good fruiting in future years
  • Spend some time checking out your greenhouse – it will soon be full of overwintering plants, so give it a clean and tidy and check that heaters are working
  • Take a walk round your flower beds, and make a note of what worked well/did not work for next year; also collect ripe seeds from your favourite flowers and store in labelled envelopes, ready to sow in spring
  • Also lift, divide divide perennials, once they finish flowering. You can also take cuttings of some perennials such as hardy salvias.
  • On the wildlife front, leave sunflower seedheads in place for birds to feed on; clean out bird feeders and top up daily and put out hedgehog food for our prickly friends

Top Tasks for August

Runner Bean August – another month of busy, busy, busy! Lots to harvest, and with luck lots to share, freeze or preserve – I have been harvesting potatoes, beans, loads of soft fruit (blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberries, blueberries) and making plenty of jam.  And I am pleased to say that there are still plenty of crops maturing – onions and shallots looking good, sprouting broccoli and cauliflower plants growing well despite the lack of rain (but lots of watering!) and carrots and parsnips doing OK.

As you clear your crops, you can still sow salad crops – lettuce, rocket, spring onions, and other salad leaf crops – always nice to have some fresh salad late in the season.  Or you may choose to sow a crop green manure, to add goodness when it is dug in later in the year.

When you have your plot all ship-shape, you can go home and work on the flower beds as there is lots to do there as well – deadheading, seed collecting, taking cuttings, watering and pruning – good job we all love gardening.

I am sure that none of you need reminding that next month we have the Pentyrch Horticultural Show on Saturday 7th September, so spend some time looking at your crops and noting the best examples for entering into the Show – if you haven’t entered before, give it a go and maybe surprise yourself and win a prize.  There are schedules available in the Notice Board at the allotment so pick one up and plan ahead.