Allotment Magazine – Issue 2, 2020

Magazine 2-2020The latest issue of Allotment magazine is now available online, please click here to access.  Some interesting articles to help you out on the plot.

Wildlife on the plot

Caterpillars Nia plot May20Well look what Nia discovered on her plot this week – a whole bunch of caterpillars on her nettle plants (nettles, Nia … you need to get weeding).  She thinks they are Peacock butterfly caterpillars, but if any experts out there can confirm then please leave a comment.

If you find anything interesting on your plot, please send in a photo so that I can share it with your fellow gardeners.

Top Tasks for May

April 2020 (1)Apologies that this months tasks are a little late – having trouble remembering what day it is let alone what date it is …

Anyway I don’t think you really need a list of jobs for the month; all the plots are looking tidy and are starting to fill up with plants and seedlings – I don’t think any of us will find ourselves short of veg.

As everything is looking so good, it’s especially disappointing that our Open Day will probably not happen, but let’s be optimistic and plan ahead for a delayed opening later in the Season.

Two plots have been re-allocated during April, and we have three new members, so please bear this in mind and if you have surplus plants or seeds they would be well received if you could donate them – leave them on the Trading Table by the container.

So fellow gardeners, stay safe, keep busy and keep planting and sowing those crops.

At the Plot Today …

Despite the current circumstances, quite a lot of us have managed to visit the plot over the past few weeks and prepare and plant for the season ahead.  Everything is looking very productive, not to mention tidy!

If you haven’t had a chance to get to the allotment, here are a few photos taken in today’s lovely sunshine, showing a few workers, some new additions and some crops.

Click here for slideshow.

Keep Calm and Carry on Digging!

Obviously Top Tasks this month is a bit different … I think the only thing to say is keep safe, be courteous to others and observe social distancing (on and off the plot) and try to keep sane by gardening and allotmenting. 

Luckily it’s a busy time of the year so we are not short of jobs – my greenhouse is full to bursting point with seedlings and plants.  I got a bit carried away when looking at my stock of seeds and everything close to its use by date was sown!  Hopefully I will have some spare plants to share – on the subject of which I know many of you buy plug plants rather than  sow seeds, and now that Garden Centres are closed are a bit stuck.  So fellow propagators, can I suggest that we all sow a few more seeds, bring on some extra plants so that we can offer them on the ‘Trading Post’ when they are ready to plant out.  

I have been out in the garden today – must be getting bored as I was edging all the flower beds, which is a job I don’t like, although I have to admit that it all looks good when its finished – took a couple of photos of spring flowers (below) hope they cheer you all up.

Take care everyone, hope things get back to normal before too long, and keep smiling.

Covid 19 Emergency Measures

March 23rd, 2020
The National Allotment Society has issued the following guidance measures for allotments, which we must all adhere to.

  • Following the instructions around movement and gatherings from the Prime Minister on 23 March 2020, we are consulting with central government but as we understand the situation at the moment it is still permitted to visit your plot, ideally on your own to take daily exercise. It is vitally important that you follow all the advice about social distancing and hygiene in the points below and not gather together on site.
  • Any plot-holder who is self-isolating because a household member is ill with corona-virus should not be visiting the site.
  • It is important that anyone attending the site takes care to stay the appropriate distance from others, avoid body contact and wash hands at taps, do not wash hands or use detergents in the water tanks and please pay attention to notice boards.
  • It is essential that non-members do not visit the plots for the duration of this emergency, if you need help with your plot, please contact the Chair to discuss.
  • Careful consideration should be given by any members over 70, those with underlying illness or pregnant women before visiting your plot.
  • We are living through a crisis, the likes of which none of us has experienced before, not since war time has the community spirit that exists on allotment sites been more important. Please remember to look out for one another during these very difficult times.